Admission - Delivery of Care

The Nurse in charge will undertake an assessment of your capabilities and needs. From this assessment a care plan is drawn up with your consent. The care plan allows the staff to understand your requirements and give the best standard of care to enhance your stay at The Manor House Nursing Home.

The staff will at all times attempt to involve you and your relatives in the planning and delivery of your care. Your views are important and every effort will be made to establish these. However, it is important to note that no discussion will take place between the care team and relative if you are unwilling for such discussion to take place.

You will be allocated a dedicated key-worker who assumes a more detailed responsibility and, where possible will liaise with your family members. The Key worker will take a personal interest in your likes and dislikes, interests and activities that you may wish to pursue as well as your general daily activities e.g bathing routines, ensuring clothes are washed, beds are changed etc.The Manor House Bedrooms

After discussing these points we will write down any plans you would like to include, suggestions or ideas. This procedure is called your individual plan of care. It states clearly what your wishes are and helps the staff to be aware and respond to your daily needs and requirements.

Where degrees of self-sufficiency are possible you are encouraged and assisted to be independent. Although you are now living in a Nursing Home, there is no reason why your friends / relatives cannot take you out for visits, shopping etc, if your health and physical condition is stable.

We do not have unnecessary rules or regulation. The home is designed to work around your needs.

Visiting times are open, but we do ask all visitors to be considerate in their visiting times to respect the other residents within the home.

Some residents enjoy a cigarette; The Manor House Nursing Home policy states smoking is only permitted in the gardens away from non smoking residents. This should be discussed with the Home Manager.

The question of getting up and going to bed is always an important issue, it is therefore your own personal choice of times. This can be discussed with the care team. 


A visiting Chiropodist will attend to your podiatry requirements. A Hairdresser visits the home once a fortnight and provides her service to the residents. The cost of this can be added to your monthly invoice or you may prefer to settle the account yourself.

The activity co-ordinator organises and offers various activities to stimulate the residents mentally and physically, including outside entertainment, small trips etc. The activity coordinator also organises celebrations during the year which include Christmas, Easter, Bomb Fire Night, Fairs, etc.

We encourage visits by clergymen of all denominations to visit the nursing home to provide for the spiritual needs of the residents. There is a monthly service within the home. Alternatively, you may wish to attend your own church with family or friends.

Our staff will make the necessary arrangements should you require optical or dental treatment, inspection or advice.

The home provides a small selection of alcoholic beverages - wine, sherry, however you may wish to provide your own. Residents may partake of alcohol in their bedrooms or communal areas unless medically advised to the contrary. Alcoholic beverages are looked after by the staff and provided upon request.The Manor House Diner

Daily newspapers / magazines can be delivered to you. The cost of this can be added to your monthly invoice or you may prefer to settle the invoice yourself.

Your laundry will be collected every day, washed and ironed and returned to you the following day, ready to put away in your room. We ask that all clothing be clearly marked with your name, any clothing that requires dry cleaning is the responsibility of the Relatives.

A highlight of the day is the appetising meals prepared by our catering staff using all fresh produce. Good nutritious food and drink are important in keeping and improving your health.

We have a friendly team of catering staff who will try to accommodate any dietary needs you may have, e.g. Vegetarian, diabetic, or low fat.

The chefs provide an excellent standard of home cooking and present a choice of menu for each meal.

Meals are served in the dining room at the following times:

  • Breakfast 8.30am - 9.30am
  • Lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm
  • Tea 5.30pm
If you prefer to eat you meals in the privacy of your own room or outside of the meal times this can be arranged. Hot drinks and snacks will be offered in between these times, but you may request tea/coffee or other drinks and food at any time.